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Ranting at the Speed of Asshole

Some people are born as asshats. Then they marry too many of my friends.

Chad Moore
21 January 1974
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I live in Pennsylvania, which is a unique state that boarders some of the most industrialized cities in the US and some of the most backward communities imaginable. My parents were very traditional and very conservative which might have lent itself to the fact that I have longer hair than any woman I personally know. I inherited a chunk of independant spririt though, and moved out completely by the age of 20 and got married. 9 years later, still married and of my brothers and myself, I'm the only one who can make a move without having to get SOMEONE's permission.

Odd that I spend much of my reality creating a fantasy world, I suppose, but that's the way it is. I've been a writer all my life and that's going to continue.

My wife & I run a rather successful LARP (successful LARP being a relative term; in our case we aren't in the red and therefore are successful) in Pennsylvania. There you have it. I was born, I got married, I grew hair, and I run a LARP. I have a real job, but I'd bolt in a second for something better, but then, who wouldn't?

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